8 Foods That Keep Your Diabetes In Check

foodfordiabeticsOne of the first things you will discover after being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes that there isn’t just one particular diet you need to follow.

In order to be able to manage this condition more effectively it is important that you make much healthier food choices.

There are certain foods that you can eat and which we will take a look at below will help to ensure that your blood sugar levels are maintained.

1.  Beans

This particular food contains high quality carbohydrates in them that can help your blood sugar levels to rise slowly.   Yes eating them on their own is okay, but it is far better to eat them with some protein and some healthy fat.

As well as containing the right sorts of carbs your body needs, beans also provide you with a good source of soluble fibre as well as lean protein.  All of these can help to stabilize your body’s blood sugar levels as well as help you from feeling hungry.  Plus as well as being extremely versatile and cheap to buy they are virtually fat free.


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