Stevia The Perfect Sugar Substitute

steviaOne of the most important things you will need to do if you have been diagnosed with suffering from Type 2 Diabetes is that you need to reduce how much sugar you are consuming.

Certainly you can choose to simply cutback on your sugar or you could choose to start replacing sugar with Stevia instead.

In fact I would highly recommend that you do start to replace your sugar with this.   Here is why.

This particular sugar substitute is actually derived from the leaves of a plant that is native in South America and which contains 2 “glycoside molecules” known as rebaudioside and steioside.  Both of which are 300 times sweeter than the sugar you are using now.   As a result you don’t actually need to use as much.

You’ll find that that even though it has a slight mild aftertaste it isn’t as pronounced as you often find in the types of sugar substitutes that have been chemically produced. And better still it contains no calories, no carbs or artificial ingredients, which means that the effect on your blood sugar levels is nil.   For those among who suffer from a sweet tooth (like me) then you can use this as the perfect way to satisfy this need without it having any effect on your blood sugar levels.

Although stevia is a good alternative to sugar, with so many different types now available, it can leave you feeling somewhat confused as to which one to purchase.   However the most forms of stevia you are most likely to find available in your local health food store or supermarket and the powder and liquid types.

I personally buy it in its powder form and a large container can last for several months, simply because I only need to use a small amount of it.

This particular form of this sugar substitute is made from extracting the glycosides from the leaves of the plant.  However you have to be careful when purchasing such a product, as the powders available aren’t all the same.

Before you make your purchase it is best if possible to read a list of the contents.   Plus try to find out what processes were used in order to extract the glycosides from the leaves.

If you are not careful when making your purchase you may find that the after taste is not really to your liking.

Of course you can also buy stevia to use in sugar to help control your Type 2 Diabetes in liquid form as swell.   There are two ways in which the liquid version of this sugar substitute is extracting from the leaves of the plant.

The first is where the leaves have been boiled in water.   However the issue you may have with this is that it comes out as a black syrupy liquid so it doesn’t look that appetising.

The other way in which the glycosides found in the plant is extracted from the leaves to make the liquid version is that they steeped in distilled water or water that has been mixed with grain alcohol.  If you can opt for the kind that has been seeped in distilled water.

If you are having problems finding any of these liquid forms of stevia only purchase the kind that has been made where the powder form has been mixed with water and then some grapefruit seed extract has been added, which helps to preserve it.

Once you have been available to find the right kind of stevia to use, don’t just limit yourself to adding it to your morning mug of tea or coffee, or on your oatmeal.  It can be used as a suitable alternative when baking as well.  But remember that it is around 300 times sweeter than sugar so you don’t need to use as much.

However how much you use depends on the kind you do use.   In some cases you may find that you only need to use 1 teaspoon of stevia extract in place of 1 cup of sugar when baking a cake.

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